Lumiblade, organic led lights from Philips. Products and panels made by the highest technology in the market.

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Livingsculpture 3D

Modular light installations for the third dimension – with the Philips LivingSculpture 3D module system, users can concentrate fully on the design of their three dimensional light installations. The technical know-how and  controls are both taken care of by the module system.
‚ÄčThe LivingSculpture 3D module system is the Philips Lumiblade solution that allows the user to concentrate fully on the design. Technical knowhow can be left to the module system, which is composed of separate tiles and linking rods. And with linking rods available in a range of different lengths, complex three-dimensional surfaces can be created quickly and easily.


Livingshapes Interactive Mirror

OLEDs emit light in the on-state and appear as mirrors in the off-state. Exploiting these characteristics to full effect, Philips LivingShapes interactive mirror is an illuminated panel of light made up of dozens of Lumiblade OLED.
Using infrared sensors, some OLEDs switch off to reflect the image of a person or object while others remain on, surrounding the reflection in light. It is a mirror that should not just be confined to the bathroom either, as Philips LivingShapes interactive mirror also comes into its own in the hallway or next to the cloakroom.

Livingshapes Interactive Wall

Light installations based on a modular system. It has never been so easy to create stunning interactive OLED lighting installations in such a short time. Lumiblade Living Shape by Philips is the perfect example of how beautiful light can be and how interactive it can be too. Movement is translated into light impulses that illuminate the numerous Lumiblade OLEDs using a light Morse code. 
Designed as a plug-and-play system, numerous panels can be arranged either side by side or on top of one another. Perfect for lobbies or waiting rooms or just as work of art at home


Panel Brite FL 300

The Brite FL300 is the first representative of a new series at Philips Lumiblade and has impressive performance specifications for OLED panels, providing 300 lumens over a good 12 cm2 at an efficiency of over 50 lumens per watt. This makes it the brightest commercially available OLED in the world. Shipping from the third quarter of 2014, the Brite FL300 will be available in a variety of integration levels.