Promotech Italia has projected, realized and set-up a special integrated lighting system which became a physical part of the interior on board of this luxury yacht.

The master bathroom comes with a great milky onyx backlit waterproof wall, lighting up the whole room and provides a great general light and a unique atmosphere.  Promotech has been able to integrated nearly all lighting onboard giving the rooms a harmonic and relaxed atmosphere eliminating as much as possible of undesired lamps and spots. The main saloon hosts a large size backlit onyx/travertine book-match wall giving a timeless elegance and luxurious feeling.

The entire yacht has also integrated lighting details for general and direct illumination. To lit up all the furniture and interior décor Promotech has installed the Luxyflat strip led in various versions to fit the particular ambiences. The Luxyflat series are flexible and easy to work with and gives a seemless light with high CRI.

In addition to the lighting systems provided, Promotech has also supplied the first ever mirror finish touch switches with multiple functions completely made in Italy.