We are always interested in getting in contact with creative and enthusiastic lighting designers for new and innovative projects. If you are the one and you have a project that you would like to realize but you don’t know how, send us an e-mail and we will see if we can collaborate. 


Promotech is a dynamic entity that for more than a decade operates in the lighting integration field, a particular lighting concept that we have invented.


Our aim is to propose ourselves as a partner for designing, realizing and installing complete custom systems created and produced through intelligent and advanced solutions to satisfy particular needs in style, techniques or exclusivity.

Already from the start we defined the concept “lighting integration” to identify our revolutionary idea and philosophy that predicts integration of light within material, furniture and ambiences. With our determination and trust we have arrived today with a portfolio of delivered projects, acquired know-how and proposed solutions like no other company in our field. 



Our mission is to go beyond the expectation of our clients and deliver the most innovative ideas and foresee new technological solutions in lighting integration. We want to inspire and enhance new solutions in any interior design setting, regardless of style or ambience.

We want to be a company that stands out of the crowd, a company to which one can turn to when in need of revolutionary lighting integration installations.


With our continuous research of advanced solutions and our constant search for new technologies it has been inevitable to get in contact with the Oled world (organic led), the most promising light technology of today. We have therefore located and settled a close partnership with Lumiblade, the Oled division of Philips® for this particular sector. With Lumiblade we have design and realized various displays and workshops already since 2010.


Lumiblade is the brand name for OLED lighting at Philips. This modern and ultra slim light source is already changing the way people see and feel light because it can be easily integrated into other materials. Research, development, production, sales and distribution of the just 1.8 millimetre thin OLEDs is based in Aachen (Germany).  LUMIBLADE >






We distribute in exclusivity selected brands complementing our range within technical lighting products, light controlling systems  and panel mounting systems for easy installations.


Flixon is a new concept and a next generation of designer switches completely made in Italy. Flixon has a very minimalistic design and comes in custom colors and multiple configurations to compliment

any type or style. Highly technological and customized makes the

Flixon range of switches an exclusive detail to any ambience.




Fastmount™ is the innovative New Zealand company providing international multi award winning removable panel mounting systems, designed specifically for the marine industry.
Used by custom yards, outfitter companies, production yards and commercial shipyards in more than 50 countries.
Panels can quickly and easily be removed & refitted in any sequence to exactly the same location every time.


Frensch-Lighting is one of the leading German manufacturers for high quality LED lights which are used in the automotive and marine market.  Engineering, production and worldwide distribution is based at the modern head quarter in Duisburg.