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We work the light 
as a sculptor does 
with his material, 
shaping it in any form 
and dimension, creating 
extraordinary lighting operas 
previously unattainable.

We work the light as a sculptor does with his material, shaping it in any form and dimension, creating extraordinary lighting operas previously unattainable.

Art and technology meet in this
fascinating technique, it is new
way of approaching the theme
of lighting.
It is light as you never seen it!

Light Atelier

At Promotech the contribution of each of the employees makes the difference between the production of standardized mass products destined for the store shelfand a one-of-a-kind bespoke creation.




We are like a light atelier where
extraordinary lighting creations are
created by satisfying the most
particular wishes of our customers.
Our artisanal technological
production allows a high degree of
customization in shapes, sizes,
materials and quantities.

The individual skills of our team 
members in the lighting industry 
provide great know-how in 
developing more traditional 
solutions, which today we deliver 
with smarter and more innovative 
functionality and performance on 

The individual skills of our team members in the lighting industry provide great know-how in developing more traditional solutions, which today we deliver with smarter and more innovative functionality and performance on 

Custom lighting

In Promotech we are able to enhance the beauty of any material or object by showing its natural veins and secret textures, thanks to a wise and careful use of light and the elements that generate it.







The environment around us is modified using light as a building material, giving life to various elements, surrounding our customers with masterpieces.


Light is a pure element providing atmosphere, emotion and poetry correlating with the human senses.

As happens in nature, within our solutions also, light is free from limitations. Light is influences our day, our life, our emotions in a continuous variation of tones, colours and intensity.

Light also entertains by drawing shadows, reflecting on surfaces and through translucent material modifying its hidden natural mix of colours and textures.

    Lighting Integration

    1 – What is lighting integration?

    Lighting integration is an innovative technique invented by us in early 2000. Pure homogeneous light is shaped and integrated in furniture, architectural spaces and in the ambient that surrounds us.

    2 – Why integrated lighting?

    Because it is a philosophy which is not limited by traditional barriers such as spots and lamps but as a value added to the present ambient, style or furniture. It is an interaction between pleasure and functionality. Technology and design are blended together to create harmony. One can shape it and design it; we make it as you want it!rom any part of the ambient.

    3 – What are the benefits?

    By using the light source as a construction material or as a finish, the amount of objects in disharmony with the ambient are reduced. Without having a defined style or appearance, it’s pure light, it will always look elegant and exclusive, like Haute Couture. 

    4 – What is the future of lighting?

    We will use light not only to see with but also as a mood factor. Light will be automatically shaped around needs, feelings, moments; every instant. There will be a total fusion, more than today, between architectural material and design. Human beings will be the control device constantly tuning the ambient on personal feelings and emotions. As with music, light will also become “liquid” available on demand, from any moment from any part of the ambient.

    How We Work

    1. Bespoke lighting

    A careful analysis of the content, lead time allow us to achieve an excellent standard. The sharing of information within our team and with external professionals such as architects, carpenters, and electricians, gives a precise evaluation of all stages of the project.

    2. Feasibility studies

    The knowledge of the application and expected performances related to the set budget are important aspects studied during the feasibility stage. Our team uses FEA (Finite Element analysis) to calculate the component displacements, strains and stresses under internal and external loads to ensure quality, performance and safety of the mechanical structure of the components.

    3. Project presentation

    The proposal of a project is a important moment in which dreams and expectations comes together. We develop ideas relevant to the particular project, starting from technical data and drawings, renderings, and actual photographs.

    4. Design development

    Promotech’s know-how in production methods, machinery and materials let us make the best choices during the design and planning stage. We measure the light positioning and we create light renderings by using sophisticated 3D simulation software while our product and project design department uses FEM (Finite Element method) software.

    5. Production and quality control

    Measurements, sizes and design are transformed into reality thanks to the combination of materials, components and manufacturing. The production team works together to deliver the best balance between design and functionality. Each piece is measured and quality controlled by a separate unit.

    6. Supervision during installation

    Every project requires careful attention during each step and a good interaction between all the parties involved. Our supervision before and after installation is a guarantee of quality and efficiency specifying the installation method on our developed projects to train installers for a precise fitting every time. We also offer our clients installation upon request.

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