The Light

Light is a pure element providing atmosphere, emotion and poetry correlating with the human senses.

As happens in nature, within our solutions also, light is free from limitations. It can reach any corner in any ambient shaping itself from moment to moment. Light is influences our day, our life, our emotions in a continuous variation of tones, colours and intensity.

Light also entertains by drawing shadows, reflecting on surfaces and through translucent material modifying its hidden natural mix of colours and textures.

Promotech not talk about products, production or technical aspects but of ideas, inspirations and exclusive installations driven by our own unique philosophy.

Shaping the light

We work the light as a sculptor does with his material, shaping it in any form and dimension, creating extraordinary lighting operas previously unattainable.

Art and technology meet in this fascinating technique, it is new way of approaching the theme of lighting.

It is light as you never seen it!


Today, more than ever, technical integration between devices, systems and technologies and stylistic integration between different philosophies, trends and styles are combined in a perfect symbiosis.

The ambient around us is amended by using light as a construction material, bringing life to various elements, surrounding our clients with masterpieces. We enhance the beauty of any material or object showing its natural secret veining and texture.

Lighting integration

What is lighting integration?

Lighting integration is an innovative technique invented by us in early 2000. Pure homogeneous light is shaped and integrated in furniture, architectural spaces and in the ambient that surrounds us.

Why integrated lighting?

Because it is a philosophy which is not limited by traditional barriers such as spots and lamps but as a value added to the present ambient, style or furniture. It is an interaction between pleasure and functionality. Technology and design are blended together to create harmony. One can shape it and design it; we make it as you want it!rom any part of the ambient.

What are the benefits?

By using the light source as a construction material or as a finish, the amount of objects in disharmony with the ambient are reduced. Without having a defined style or appearance, it’s pure light, it will always look elegant and exclusive, like Haute Couture.

What is the future of lighting?

We will use light not only to see with but also as a mood factor. Light will be automatically shaped around needs, feelings, moments; every instant. There will be a total fusion, more than today, between architectural material and design. Human beings will be the control device constantly tuning the ambient on personal feelings and emotions. As with music, light will also become “liquid” available on demand, from any moment from any part of the ambient.